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4 Clues For Your Engagement Ring

Wondering what engagement ring the Man of Your Dreams will pick on that momentous day? We have some clues that may help… Just take a look at his personality type!

Is He Traditional?

Your guy is the type who loves the idea of the perfect family; three kids, the family dog, the nice family home in a suburban area, the garden, the white picket fence. He may fit the description of being ultra romantic, bringing you flowers, leaving love letters, the works! Chances are, you are looking for the same, and if that’s the case, he likely knows that, too! If this sounds about right, you can assume he will choose a traditional engagement ring style as well, and what’s more traditional than that classic diamond ring on a gold band? Domestic bliss!

Is He A Big Spender?

With the option of also describing this personality type as ‘flashy’ and dare we say, a ‘showoff’, he likes things that stand out (like you!). His clothes certainly make an impression, along with his highly desired car, fancy watch; he’s the guy who has it all! There no chance he will let his Bride-to-be wear a ring that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, so you could likely expect an engagement ring that goes above and beyond! Perhaps a custom-made ring with an array of diamonds and gemstones, or a ring piece which replicates the many awed-upon celebrity engagement ring styles is in the cards for you? Talk about flash!

Is He Artistic?

Whether your guy is an artist or not, he can be easily described as someone who sees things differently in life; a guy who looks “outside of the box” for beauty and uniqueness. This is truly a special quality, and probably the reason you fell for im in the first place. When it comes to the epic moment when he will propose, you can bet it will be anything but traditional! Also following the trend of choosing a bespoke engagement ring, your man will likely go for something in colored jewels and diamonds which represent you, adorned with a personalized engraved band. You can’t get more unique than that!

Is He A Perfectionist?

Since you’ve been together, you’ve realized the true beauty of organization, as your mate is all about it. The plans and experiences you’ve shared together over the years have been planned to the ‘T’, and your guy makes sure of it. This personality type is quite the compliment to you, actually, as you can’t really argue when a man who loves perfection asks for your hand in marriage! With room for no mistakes, your partner will likely do as many modern couples do, and propose to shop for the ring together! In this case, it will be flawless!

Imagining the possibilities of your soon-to-be engagement ring is definitely a fun and suspenseful experience, however remember, the most important thing, is that you have found the match you’ve longed for – and with that, the ring will always be just perfect!

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