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5 Reasons To Cater Your Wedding Instead Of Having A Pot Luck

Are you considering having a pot luck at your wedding so you can save some money for the all-important honey moon, first home or other project? It’s a well-known fact that planning and paying for a wedding can be very costly and the price of everything doesn’t necessarily reflect how great the event will turn out. There are many ways to save money on your wedding without sacrificing the food that your guests will be served. Here are a few reasons you should use a caterer instead of friends All Suburbs Catering Service - and family for your big day.

Stress And Hassle Free Food

Creating the most beautiful atmosphere for your big day takes a lot of work, planning and scheduling. You’re going to need to decorate, hire a DJ and coordinate a ton of different people to ensure the day goes as planned. You don’t want to have to worry about making sure you don’t have 10 different green bean casseroles or bean salads at your special event. Instead have a professional company work with you to insure you get a delicious menu that everyone will love and that your friends and family members don’t have to work their tail end off to create for you.

Keeping Your Guests Happy

Guests are expected to bring a lovely gift for you on your big day. Their payoff is seeing you at your happiest, getting to dance and romance to great music and enjoying a delicious meal that they don’t have to pay for. If you choose to have a potluck there’s a chance they aren’t going to like Aunt Mabel’s special recipe for baked beans and when items are homemade some people feel cheated.

Results You Can Count On

It’s awful hard to get mad when people are going out of their way to bring food to your wedding even if it’s late or served cold when it should be warm. It’s likewise difficult to make sure people stick to what they say and bring the dish they agreed to bring. You can end up with a table full of desserts and barely any main courses. When you work with a professional company you’re going to get consistent results.

Food People Want To Eat

Sure it’s true that many people love your grandma’s special recipe for coleslaw but what about all your new I in-laws that don’t know grandma? It can be very easy for some people in the family to get ‘weirded out’ by food that comes from other people’s homes. They may start wondering what the condition of their kitchen was and they probably don’t know that your aunt or uncle has a cleaner home than most five star restaurants. You don’t want to start your new marriage off with new family members doubting food or cleanliness. Choosing a great caterer can put everyone at ease.

Service People Talk About

Say everyone shows up with the food that you want. It’s delicious and served at the right temperature. What about getting it dished up? Everyone serving themselves leaves everyone to clean up after themselves. It’s much nicer to have professionals there to insure the process goes well and gets cleaned up appropriately.

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