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Why Antique Furniture Can Make a Unique and Unusual Gift

Antiques in a general sense symbolise history, with the artefacts having been in use for at least over a hundred years. The value of each piece lies in its quality, craftsmanship, utility, the time period it originally belonged to and its journey through time, from one owner to another. A functional piece of antique furniture makes a unique and unusual gift for loved ones because the piece is as precious as the person receiving the gift.

Choice of Gifts

With types of solid wooden furniture from heavy beds, couches, dining tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, bookshelves, drawers to relatively smaller crafted side tables, lamps, and the occasionally sleek tripod and lamp tables being showcased, it is an options’ galore as far as antique gifts are concerned. Few pieces of antique furniture are also adorned with carvings, inlay work or rich fabric such as velvet, satin or silk adding to their aesthetic appeal.

Why Antique Furniture?

Antique furniture makes a refreshing difference in modern homes, often being the focus of the interior décor. Exquisitely crafted furniture, with the ageing wood polished naturally by years of use and a few telltale scars to mark their antiquity make a neat addition to the home.

Antique furniture, though slightly pricier, also help to connect with the family tree, a missing piece of furniture from ancestral property, when bought back into the family, sort of completes the picture.

Antique furniture also restores a period look to the home, especially when a dining table with matching chairs adorns the dining room.

Be it complete sets of furniture or stand-alone pieces with an interesting history or legacy, antique furniture today is a proud possession of a family, and a precious one too! Limited edition pieces and rare finds are a pleasure to own as well as gift.

They often bring back precious memories from the past for the seniors, making it easier for the youngsters to appreciate and enjoy the tales fondly recounted.

Buying Antique Furniture

Flea shops hidden away in crowded neighbourhoods, antique fairs, local auctions, reputed antique dealers and, in recent times, online antique shops are the best places to look for antique furniture. A quick primer historical styles – Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Louis XV, Queen Anne, etc. before embarking on a hunt for classic items could make the task easier. Do watch out for fakes or patchworks though!

Antiques are a great way to rub shoulders with ancestors. A well-preserved piece of history in the living or business space is a constant reminder of yester years, an opportunity to revel at the quality craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. Online stores offer a well-maintained collection of British antique furniture that may well make an ideal gift this holiday season.

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