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Bespoke Tailoring – The Eco Friendly Choice

Just like those who get involved in the slow food movement and fans of vintage furniture, suit wearers know that the oldest adage in the English language is true – Good things come to those who wait.
And just like slow food and vintage revival, bespoke tailoring is actually a much more eco-friendly choice than buying off the peg.
So if you’re environmentally conscious and have an appreciation for quality, then do your bit for the environment by choosing custom.
Built to Last
When you have one made, you know it’s built to last. Whether you’re ordering one for your wedding or for the office, it’s important to know that your outfit will have durability.
The difference in price between the high street and a tailor may make the idea of going for the cheaper option tempting, but the savings you make are a false economy.
Anyone who has ever cleared a grandparent’s wardrobe or visited a charity shop will know that the tailored ones of the last century were designed to withstand the test of time and today’s equivalents do the same.
In this era of disposability, how many department ones of today will still be hanging in wardrobes or being sold in fifty years’ time?
An off the peg version made of cheaper fabric, with poor stitching, cut corners and lack of attention to detail is likely to be discarded sooner rather than later and end up in landfill. A bespoke one, on the other hand, could literally last you a lifetime.
An Easy Trail
When you buy cheap High Street clothing do you ever consider where it’s come from? Most of today’s stores are filled with clothes made in other countries and as recent news stories have attested, it’s very difficult to know whether the people who made your cheap T shirt or blazer are being exploited.
In addition, cut price clothes are transported in bulk from across the world, which means it takes a lot of fuel and energy to get them into stores.
When you choose to use a tailor, not only will you be able to easily follow the trail of finding out where your fabric has come from, but you’ll also know exactly who has made your suit.
Not to mention the fact that as it will be made in the UK, much less energy will be required to transport it, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint.
Eco Friendly Fabrics
More often than not, off the peg versions are created from manmade fabrics which involve chemical and other harmful processes and use materials that are not sustainable. Tailored ones utilise higher quality fabrics which are also more eco-friendly. Organic cotton, linen, silk, tweed and cashmere are all considered sustainable fabric choices, whilst new materials made from hemp, fermented plant sugars, bamboo and even soy are offering a viable alternative to manmade fabrics.
When it comes to the environment, even the smallest changes can end up making a big difference, so if you’re looking for a suit then go bespoke and do your bit!

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