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Celebration Ideas For Golden Couples

A Golden Wedding Anniversary is a truly special occasion. Making it to 50 years of happy marriage is no easy feat and for those golden couples which do they deserve to be pampered and spoiled rotten. Families and friends often like to join together to help the special couple mark their anniversary in true style. If you’re looking for ideas to help make those celebrations memorable for everyone then here are some tips to inspire you:

Shower them with gold

Gold is the traditional gift theme for 50th wedding anniversaries so it’s a popular choice to help mark the occasion. Think about what will be practical as well as special for a mature couple celebrating 50 years of marriage. Gold doesn’t have to mean necklaces and rings, maybe ‘his and hers’ watches or a gold carriage clock which would take pride of place in their home would be ideal gifts. Adding engravings helps to make any gold gift even more special and buying something that would stand the test of time and could be passed down through the generations would make a truly special family gift.

A surprise family party

If you’re planning a celebration for parents, grandparents or relatives then they would surely love the chance to gather all the important people in their lives in one place to share the occasion with them. A lifetime of marriage together is an important thing to look back on and there is no more special way to help them see how important they are than to surround them with all the people whose lives they have touched during their time together.

Plan a getaway

For many couples celebrating 50 years of marriage, planning something too raucous may not be the most practical thing, but there are still plenty of short breaks and getaways which would be the perfect way to relax and celebrate the occasion, either just the two of them or together with friends and family. Weekend breaks to a national park or British beauty spot don’t have to break the bank and you avoid the headaches of arranging passports and flights. Or you could treat them to the chance to relive their honeymoon by planning a short holiday to the place where they went when they were first married 50 years ago.

Embossed photo album

Anniversary gifts are made even more special if they have a personal touch attached to them. Collecting 50 years of memories into one photo album is a beautiful gift to celebrate their time together and you can get the whole family to contribute with photos that mean something to everyone. You are sure to have great fun putting the album together as well, digging out long-forgotten photos and reminiscing about some happy times. You can add a golden flourish with gold ribbons and gold embossed lettering to help the gift keep to the golden theme as well.

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