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Engagement Ring Cut and Color: What Does it all Mean?

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring for your fiancé, there’s a lot more to your selection than just the size and quality of the diamond. Every bride-to-be dreams of wearing a sparkly rock, but we’re telling you now boys – size isn’t everything. And neither is the price tag.

If you really want to impress, choose a ring cut and color according to your fiancé’s style and personality. Here’s how…

Jewelry psychologists (if there is such a thing) have dissected the world of diamonds and provided us all with some insight into what an engagement ring can say about the wearer. Here’s a quick guide on the different styles and their meanings.

Round Cut Diamonds

This is the classic stone, perfect for girls with traditional values and a longing for the perfect white wedding. Round cut stones also have a sparkle like no other so if your fiancé cares about diamond quality and clarity, go for the round cut shape.

Princess Cut Diamonds

This has been a hugely popular diamond shape over recent years and has been worn by so many different red carpet celebs. It’s a ring designed for stylish and fashion-conscious girls and has a slightly more modern edge than the classic round cut. Discover all the celebs who are wearing diamond cut rings on

Diamond Shape or Emerald Shape

The diamond or emerald ring is for the confident woman. This ring wearer needs no assurance of her beauty and she leads a full life, filled with happiness. With few facets, the diamond stone is prone to reflect flaws in the diamond so the wearer of this ring needs to be able to take risks in life.

Colored Diamonds

This is not for the traditional bride. If your partner loves to be different and always has to stand out from the crowd, a traditional cut just won’t cut it. Yellow diamonds and pink diamonds have grown in popularity over recent years, and they’re perfect for showing one’s more eccentric side. See 13 non-traditional engagement rings as worn by celebs over at InStyle online.

Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher diamond shies away from modern styles. It’s an ode to vintage charm and looks beautiful on the hand of an elegant fashion-loving lady who shops vintage furs and 50s tea dresses.

Heart Shaped Stone

For true romantics, there’s nothing more exciting than a heart shaped, sparkly diamond. If your girl loves sunset picnics with champagne, candle lit dinners on the terrace and cries every time she watches The Notebook, she has to be a true old-fashioned romantic, and a heart shaped ring will make the perfect proposal.

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