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Gel Candles Are Amazing!

Gel candles are nothing new to the world of candle manufacturing; but recently their popularity exploded into a huge market. The admiration of gel candles most certainly lies in its range of attributes. They are easy to manufacture, more inexpensive, and truly unique. Everybody from stay-at-home moms trying to supplement the family’s income, to big companies looking to expand their product range, are all cashing in on the gel candle sensation. Gel candles are candles made from a special gel wax, which has numerous benefits.



Everything from burgers that appear real enough to eat, to cups filled with ice cream that smells like the real thing, gel candles are massively varied and unique. They come in some of the most remarkable colours, shapes and scents imaginable. Gel candles can be shaped to look like almost anything you can think of. You can commonly find ones that are shaped like normal, everyday objects. You can also find gel candles with elaborate scenes which seem to be suspended in the air. Everything from wonderlands to aquarium scenes can be recreated in a gel candle.


As countless artists can testify, candle-making has been a popular item at craft fairs for decades now. Making your own gel candles is a fairly simple process that creates very unique and individualised products. The possibility to make money from gel candle making is very high.

A good work ethic and a few fresh ideas for gel candles can easily result in a lucrative home-business. Stay-at-home moms or dads (home executives) can help supplement their family’s monthly income, or they can possibly even create a full-time business for themselves.


Gel candles last far longer than standard wax candles. A gel candle will burn upwards of 180 hours, depending on its size of course.

With regards to manufacturing your own gel candles, the value is amazing! The gel wax is probably the priciest item on the list of what you need to make gel candles. Candle containers can be found everywhere from your own home to thrift stores. Also, the return on selling gel candles is very high. It is not uncommon to see profits upwards of 300%.


Gel candles can be used in a wide variety of decoration themes. For example, wedding organisers can have them custom made in flute-glasses to use as centrepieces on the guest’s’ tables. The possibilities for home décor are boundless. Having a wine tasting evening? Why not make wine glass gel candles and position them around the dining table. You can even make enough candles to send home with your guests as a memento.

Gel candles are here to stay. Their matchless designs make them more than just a passing fad, and we should see the gel candle industry flourish for decades to come.

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