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How to Pick a Wedding Venue: 3 Key Considerations

Congratulations! You’re engaged – now you’ve told all your family, taken out a notice in the newspaper, and put all your engagement pictures on Facebook it’s time to get down to business. You’ve got a wedding to plan. One of the most important aspects of the wedding that you need to sort out before you think about the details, is the wedding venue. The venue for your marriage and also the reception after the ceremony is the place where you can let your personality shine, and where you will be able to offer your friends and family the chance to celebrate your special day with you. When you are looking for the ideal venue, keep these ideas in mind. Choosing a venue can be tough – help the process go as smoothly as possible by considering the following factors.

1. Booking – How Much Time in Advance?

The most desirable venues are booked over a year in advance for the popular dates and times – Saturdays in summer, for example. Popular venues like may not have much availability for summer 2015, for example. If you are planning a summer wedding this year, you may need to be flexible either on choice of venue or the date and time you choose to get married. A winter wedding opens up the possibilities at the venue of your dreams. You could also look at midweek weddings, or weddings in the springtime in 2016. Give yourself as much time as possible, bearing in mind how long you want your engagement to be.

2. Where Should the Venue Be?

Ideally the venue should be close to your home, or close to the home of your family. You can get ready at home and it is easier for guests in the surrounding area to travel to the venue. If you find a venue that is in another part of the country – and you fall in love with it – consider how practical it will be for your guests to travel there, and also to stay there. Are there affordable hotels for guests? Will people be willing to pay for a hotel room? Perhaps you can organise a smaller wedding in a more remote location and invite people who will be willing to spend on the travel.

3. When Can You Visit the Venue?

If the venue is far away from your home, will it be practical to pay a site visit? It is important to see the venue yourself unless you have the services of a wedding planner you trust. Make sure you visit the venue for the amount of time it takes to feel comfortable with what you see. Look at the lighting, the space, where you can take pictures, the parking, and factors like the décor and the overall style of the building. Try to also visit at the same time as your wedding will take place. The atmosphere will be a lot different at midday on a summer Saturday from 9pm on a winter evening.

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