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Just Got Engaged? Here’s What You Need To Do Next

I love weddings and have always made an effort to be a big part of all of my friends’ special days. While most of my friends have their wedding planning down, what I noticed was at first they struggled to know where to start.

I realised that after the shock of getting engaged wears off, many brides struggle to know what their first step should be. Should they look at venues first, send out invitations or start looking for the perfect wedding dress? With so much to plan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.


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I thought that I would share what I have learned from helping my friends with their wedding planning, as it may help you to plan your wedding.

Set a budget

The first thing you should do, after celebrating your engagement, of course, is set a budget. It might be tempting to go all out, but there is no point getting yourself into debt or blowing your life savings.

Yes, you want your wedding day to be special, but that doesn’t mean you should go crazy. By setting a budget and only spending what you can afford, you will enjoy your wedding celebrations a lot more.

Create a dream board

The best way to bring all the ideas you have for your wedding together is with a dream board. You can either do this by creating an old-fashioned dream board, or you could use Pinterest instead.

Sit down with your significant other and discuss what you both want from your wedding. Anything that either of you suggests should be put on your dream board so that you can both see it and think about the idea.

Whatever happens, aim not to argue with your partner. If your partner puts an image of contemporary wedding invitations on the board, but you want a classic style, don’t stress. There is no point arguing about the minor details, talk things through instead.

Start looking at venues

Once you have an idea of the type of wedding, you both want, the next step is to start looking at wedding venues. By looking at venues, you can get an idea of what is available to you and what you both like.

Go to see each venue with an open mind. Even if you prefer one venue to all the others, go and view each with an open mind. If you write a venue off before you even see it, what’s the point of going to visit it?

Set a date

Once you have chosen a venue, you can then start thinking about the date you want for your wedding. It’s much better to choose a date after choosing a venue, as this gives you more options.

When you set a date, make sure to think logically about when you want to get married. You might like the idea of a summer wedding, but what if it’s too hot? A winter wedding would be romantic, but it might be too cold?

Once you have found a venue and chosen a date, then the real planning can begin. There is so much to plan for; these are just tips to get you started.

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