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In Lieu Of Wedding Cakes – Dessert Ideas To Consider

Some people wish to forgo the traditional wedding cake for their big day. If you are one of these people, you are going to have to think about a dessert alternative. Consider the suggestions below if you wish to find something else to serve your guests.


If you are the type who would love to have cake on your special day but not the elaborate, four-tiered variety with cake toppers, you can opt for another favorite—cupcakes. Cupcakes are the best alternative to traditional wedding cake because these are almost the same thing, only smaller and baked in either aluminum or thin paper cups. However, cupcakes offer you one key advantage: you can serve several flavors. Because you can offer a selection of cupcake flavors, you need not worry about picky guests not finding something they like.

Another reason why cupcakes are ideal for weddings is that they can serve as décor, too—at least in the form of cupcake towers. Without a wedding cake to speak of, your cupcake tower will be the reception area’s focal point and main conversation piece.

Petit Fours

If you find cupcakes too common a fare in weddings and wish to deviate from the norm, you should consider serving petit fours instead. These confections are similar to cupcakes in the sense that they are also small and can be served in variety. There are many kinds of petit fours, and you are bound to find one you really like and would love to serve to your guests.

Dessert Shooters

If you want something more interesting and less traditional for your wedding dessert, dessert shooters definitely fit the bill. If you are not familiar with these, just look at the name: dessert shooters, also known as dessert shots or shot glass desserts, are simply desserts served in shot glasses. In some cases, the desserts are served in small juice glasses (about 5 ounces). The glass size is not what matters, though—it’s what’s inside the glass! Almost any dessert can be made into a shooter: key lime pie, S’mores, chocolate mousse, you name it. With shooters, you can serve a couple of varieties for guests. One notable thing about these desserts is that they also are eye-candy—they look just as good as they taste.

Cheesecake Bites

Want a dessert in bite-sized pieces? Go for cheesecake bites. These won’t take much space in the table, but they offer a lot in taste. For something more decadent, feel free to choose the chocolate-covered ones.

Ice Cream

If ice cream is your kind of dessert, why not serve it for your wedding reception? You can offer your favorite gourmet ice cream, but a better idea is to have a sundae bar that will allow guests to make their own. Instead of providing just your favorite flavor, give guests a couple of flavors to choose from to create their own sundaes.

Dessert Bar

If you cannot make up your mind and decide on just one dessert, think about having a dessert bar. You can serve all the aforementioned—and others, like cream puffs, macarons and cookies—and delight your guests with a spectacular spread. Nonetheless, having four or five dessert selections will do.

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