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Planning For The Perfect Wedding Breakfast

When you’re planning a wedding there are a few things which you simply can’t do without – a venue, friends and family and good food. But it’s amazing how many prospective brides and grooms aren’t on the ball in terms of their wedding menu and leave all the decisions to the catering team. If everything is going to run smoothly you’ll need to make sure you know what you are getting, and the only way you’ll know this is to taste the food in advance.
Many couples book their venue first and included within this is some sort of wedding food package. The bride and groom might have a few options in terms of the exact menus but on many occasions it’ll be a choice of two or three starters, two or three main course plates and a choice of a couple of deserts. And the bride or groom will decide what they want in advance by putting a tick in a box alongside the courses they choose. Now the venue might be stunning, it’s easy to see this yourself; the venue’s wedding planner might be meticulous and inspire you with confidence; but if you’ve not tasted the food or the wine you’ll not be able to fully assess what your big day will be like.
It’s not worth trying to save money on catering costs
One of the areas where a bride and groom try to save money on their wedding day is the catering. And it’s easy to see why. If prices are in excess of £40 per head and you’ve invited 100 guests a food bill of £4,000 is to be expected. But this is part of the wedding costs, and the only time you’ll have a problem with a large bill for food and drink is when the food is a let-down. It’s like anything you buy in life, if you enjoy it and you believe it’s value for money you don’t mind splashing the cash. However, when it’s poor quality or it’s not what you expected it can literally leave a bad taste in your mouth.
A wedding breakfast is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding so you need to make sure it runs smoothly and you get the food you expect. If you are planning a wedding at a venue and the food’s included insist on a taster session to find out what it looks like and tastes like. Alternatively use your own outside catering service where you’ll be in full control and will know you will get high quality produce and service.

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