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Remarkable Ways To A Bachelorette Party

Getting married is perhaps the biggest life-changing event that takes place in an individual’s life. It is literally the end of an entire phase of your carefree single life and before you know it, your life is about to turn upside down, forever. So before you get married and before you start off on a new journey, what you need to do is to let your hair down and party – party real hard. Meet your friends, go out, get drunk, do crazy stuff you’ve never done before, dance till your feet hurt and party literally like there’s no tomorrow – at least not a similar one. Here are some crazy things to do on your last party as a singleton.

Go visit a day spa with your girl friends

Rama Day Spa

A relaxing afternoon at the spa with your girl gang would be a terrific idea for a bachelorette party. You can have some quality bonding time with your friends over some heavenly foot and back massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, aroma therapy and much more of such sheer bliss. Apart from a session full of gossips, giggles and girl talk, you can be assured of having a divine experience, feeling all relaxed and fresh before you hit the nightclub.

Freak out at a slumber party

last stop - the highlands

Indulge in a wild, crazy, bizarre and insane slumber party and be assured of an unforgettable bachelorette party. Call all your closest and best girl-friends over and stay up all night doing crazy stuff. Decide on a dress code – chill out in your pajama’s, or get creative and arrange for customized t-shirts with your names on or probably some funny and cheesy slogans prints. Arrange for food and drinks to be delivered. Get a surprise cake for the future bride – a kinky provocative cake design will add to the fun. Oh and yes, before the party, make sure you arrange for some exciting decorations and party supplies such as wall hangings, paper plates, beverage napkins, tiaras, bags, lanterns, cocktail glasses, latex balloons, bracelets and whatever you can think of!

Once the dress code, cake, food and drinks have been sorted, you can then go on to plan form a list of exciting activities to keep you up all night – from arranging fun games, to watching chick flicks, baking cookies, opening gifts, listening to some heart thumping music, dancing to crazy tunes and much more.

Go out, go random!           

at the End Up

It won’t a perfect bachelorette party unless you go out, party hard, get drunk, get insane and do some bizarre random things which you would never even imagine doing otherwise. Have you ever visited a male strip club with your girl pals? Ever got a stranger to dance with you or buy you a drink? Ever humiliated yourself by singing terribly at a karaoke session? Ever got drunk and done a random jiggle at a public place? No? Well then you must! You’ll be amazed to see how exciting and enjoyable your bachelorette night turns out to be with these random antics!

There are so many more such crazy ideas you can implement in order to enjoy your bachelorette party to the fullest and bid a perfect goodbye to your single life.

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