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Smart and effective tips for buying an engagement ring for your wedding

You would think that this summer would be a perfect time for shopping for a diamond ring for your engagement. The wholesale price of one-carat diamond dropped down nearly by 4% during the initial half of the year and is 14% lower than what it was in June, 2014. While the prices of diamonds have plummeted, don’t you think that this is the best time to get one for your engagement? Since it is a big investment that involves lot of emotions and dollars, you should always make the right decision before taking the plunge. During an economic downturn, it is the perfect time to invest in precious stones. If you’re still not aware of the ways in which you should get reliable diamonds, here are some tips for you.


  1. Leave out some of the C’s: There are 4 C’s that you should consider while getting a diamond, cut, clarity, color and carat as each of them affects and has an impact on the price of the diamond. There are many experts who believe that cut is perhaps the most vital among the 4 C’s as this is what brings out the brilliance of the stone. If you have a great cut, this will make the other C’s more flexible, thereby making color and clarity less desirable.
  2. Buy stones of light size: The prices of diamonds tend to jump during any time and if you have a wedding right in front, knocking at your door, you should immediately get a stone of a light size. Light sizes sometimes cost less and you can even buy a 0.96 carat stone instead of getting a 1.0 carat one. If you think that the diamond needs re-polishing, it can easily lose carat weight and you might as well lose a considerable portion of what it is worth.
  3. Choose a fancy and preferable shape: Round diamonds are usually the most famous choice for engagement rings and hence they tend to come in premium prices. If you’re someone who is looking for a significantly cheaper diamond, you can select the less-popular shapes like hearts, ovals or marquise. Despite all these details on how to save money on buying diamonds, you should always ensure that round diamonds are the most costly ones and they are the ones that are most preferred by the users.
  4. Skip those expensive brands: There are some brands which are overtly expensive and it would be better if you could skip those brands. They may charge you a price premium of about 10% and this might be an unnecessary burden on you. Remember that added price doesn’t always mean better quality.

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