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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Wedding Menu

When you are searching for a caterer for your wedding, you have quite a few things to consider. You want to ensure that the food tastes excellent and that all the details involved in your day are covered. Following are tips for choosing the ideal special occasion catering menu when meeting your caterer for the first time.

  1. Availability. The first step is to see if the caterer is available on your chosen date. Then you need to discuss the booking and payment process. Make sure you are clear about at what point your date is secure and when payments are required. Ideally, you should start meeting with caterers between six to twelve months before your wedding
  2. Budget. It is essential to get an indication of what catering costs include. Tell your caterer if you are on a limited budget, and ask about what options are available to you. Ideally, they should be able to create a package to accommodate you. Make sure you check every detail so you don’t have to find extra room in your budget right before the wedding.
  3. Quality of food. When choosing the caterer, you want a company that will provide a stunning presentation combined with incredible flavor. Ask about the quality and sustainability of the produce they use. Creating seasonal menus will significantly influence the quality and taste of you meal.
  4. Tasting session. It is helpful when the caterer offers a tasting session. Keep in mind that that successful caterers will have limited availability during peak seasons. A tasting allows you to experience the quality, style and presentation of their menu and gives you the occasion to explore how your ideas can be molded into their existing menus.
  5. Setting the scene. It is essential to remember the significance a professional caterer. Your caterer is likely to be the last supplier to outfit your reception before the celebration begins. Ensure that every element of décor, including the flowers, centerpieces and candles, looks perfect next to the tableware to ensure that your vision is achieved.
  6. Service. Finally, service is as important as the quality and style of your food. Your caterer should provide the highest level of service, from your initial inquiry to your tasting session all the way to your special event.

Connect with your caterer’s customers on social media to see what functions they have most recently handled and their ubiquity in the catering industry. An ideal caterer will follow your vision for the day and build upon your ideas to go beyond your expectations for the day.

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