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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift

Shopping for just the right wedding gift for family or friends can be overwhelming and more than a little bit stressful for most people. After all, you don’t want the gift you purchase for the bride and groom to end up in their attic gathering dust. You want them to love and cherish it and if at all possible, get a ton of use out of it. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect gift for the happy couple.

Leave the Big Stuff to the Parents

Everyone knows that the parents of the bride and groom cover the big stuff, such as a house, cars, honeymoons, big money gifts and even extras like at-home massage tables for the happy couple to set up and use to relax and relieve stress both before the wedding and after the honeymoon. It’s best to leave the big stuff to the parents because they know their kids better than anyone else and will make the best choices.

Cover the Basics

It’s important to note that most happily engaged couples are just starting out, so covering the basics is always a good idea. Gifts of towels, dishes, coffee makers, and blenders may seem boring to some, but these are things the couple will need and use every day. You can’t go wrong with the basics.

Buy Expensive Gifts Together

Many times you’re dying to buy your best friend an expensive gift to show how much she and her soon-to-be husband mean to you. However, an expensive gift isn’t always something you can afford. Instead of settling for a blender, talk to the other guests and pool your money together so you can buy her that antique china hutch she’s had her eye on for months now, but just can’t afford. In this way, she gets a gift you know she will love and you get to save some money at the same time, making it a win-win for you, the bride, and the other guests.

The Registry is There for a Reason

While this may seem like a no-brainer to some, to others it isn’t, because they feel that going to the registry to choose a gift doesn’t make it unique. The registry is there for a reason and the bride and groom wouldn’t put stuff on there that they didn’t want or need. However, if you’re choosing a gift from the registry, make sure you get your gift early, before all of the good stuff is already gone.

Avoid the Home Decor

While you might love that painting of a girl by the sea, that doesn’t mean that the bride and groom want it hanging in their apartment. The colors can clash with their living room decor, or maybe it’s just not their style. Avoid buying gifts that are used to decorate a home, because you just never know what people’s tastes are.

Buying wedding gifts can be exciting, but it can be overwhelming as well. Following these few tips will help you get the best gift you can for the couple you love.

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