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Top Tips for the Perfect Proposal

If you are going to propose to a loved one then it stands to reason that you are going to want everything to be perfect. The chances are that whatever you do your loved one is going to be over the moon but you probably still want to go that extra mile.


The good news is that there are lots of easy ways that you can make your proposal perfect. Mostly it is about thinking about your loved one and what they are going to enjoy the most. You know them better than anyone, so take ideas and inspiration from there.

Location – You need to give thought to the location. You could go for somewhere that they have always wanted to go or somewhere is special to you both. You are creating memories so you

want somewhere that is going to be remembered.

Share Your Proposal – You could consider having your friends and family there to share your big moment with you. Either have them with you when you pop the question or have them nearby to help you celebrate if you are a little nervous.

The Ring – Without a doubt you want to make sure you choose a ring that you are confident is going to fit right and that they are going to love. There is a guide to engagement rings in Houston from which is a good place to start for getting ideas and inspiration.

Capture The Moment – You could look at hiring a photographer to capture the moment if you want. If you don’t have a budget for this then make sure any friends and family have cameras ready to take photos for you.

Music – If you have a song that is special to you then try to arrange to have this played at the right moment. This could be played by someone live or simply over the speaker systems at the venue of your proposal; the choice is yours.

Timing – It is essential that you get the timing of your proposal right. If you are planning an evening proposal then do this as early in your evening as possible. That way you don’t spend the whole evening clock-watching and feeling nervous and she has the whole evening to show off her to ring to anyone who wants to see

Trust Yourself – You can read proposal guides and inspirations but at the end of the day you know what is best. As long as you think about what your partner would like and what will suit your relationship you really can’t go far wrong.


The chances are that things might not go as plain sailing as you would like. This isn’t a reason to get upset, because it’s all an exciting part of the new memories you are creating. And don’t forget, you get the wedding day to plan and make perfect, so you can think of that as a second chance! Most of all, it’s a good thing you are doing – enjoy it!

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