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Treasured Memories: DIY Wedding Ideas

There is perhaps no better way to inject your personality into your wedding than with a little DIY. Plus, handmade items also carry a little extra sentiment, as they are unique to you and your partner, and express your relationship. While you can buy beautiful invitations and table decorations, try some of these DIY wedding ideas for an extra special day and treasured memories.

Creative Guestbooks

You could buy a leather bound or satin covered notebook for your guests to write their wishes, memories and messages of love, but there are so many more creative ways that really make a statement.

Provide rolls of parchment and a memory jar, a scrapbook and Polaroid camera, a poster and paint for fingerprints, a tree slice for signing that can later be placed on a feature wall, or a purposely made plain wooden jigsaw.

Wedding Favours

Favours traditionally involve some form of food, whether a personalised box of chocolates, macaroons or sweets. Instead, try creating something a little more personal and quirky that your guests will fall in love with.

Give gifts of seeds in packets that say ‘let love grow,’ homemade jams and conserves with labels that read ‘spread the love,’ paper fortune cookies, or even a hangover or wedding survival kit.

Unconventional Cakes

Many couples get a shock when they are faced with the price of a wedding cake. Even a plain three tiered cake can cost hundreds of pounds, while a taller and more elaborate structure can run into the thousands. For something unique that will also save money, consider some DIY.

You can make your own tiered cake or cake pops, hold a bake off and ask guests to bring their own creations, or have a ‘make your own cupcake’ bar and provide a variety of toppings, icings, fondants and cutters.

Seating Plans

Arranging who will sit where is one of the most stressful parts of organising a wedding. But you can make the process a little more enjoyable by creating a pretty seating plan that ties in with your wedding theme.

Do this by displaying the plan in a collage photo frame, attached to vintage style bunting, written on the bottom of Polaroid photographs of the guests, on a blackboard, or even on an old upcycled window frame.

These DIY ideas will help make your day unforgettable. But remember to make a few extra than you need, so that you can keep and store your memories.

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