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Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen and Ushers

The groomsmen and ushers in your wedding party are just as important as the bridesmaids. Although often overshadowed by the beautiful dresses, the flawless hair and cosmetics, and the colorful flower bouquets, they have just as much importance as the female members of your wedding. It’s tradition to gift your wedding party with something special after the wedding ceremony is over, and you should always choose something that lasts for many years to come, or something that is meaningful and thoughtful.

Depending on your budget and the relationship with your groomsmen, there are many different gift ideas ranging from top end designer gifts to small gestures that have a fun and personal touch. Here are some ideas for your groomsmen and ushers.

Designer Watches

For the bride and groom with a big budget, designer wristwear is a great way of thanking the groomsmen and the Best Man for all their hard work and support on your big day. A designer watch is something that can be treasured for many years to come, it can be worn for special occasions such as weddings and celebrations in the future, and designer brands such as Rolex can also be a great investment for the wearer. For pre-loved Rolex watches, visit Market Cross Jewellers.

Cufflinks and Accessories

For a more modest budget, cufflinks and other men’s accessories can be a fantastic gift. Cufflinks are a formal accessory, one which is worn on special occasions, making it a wonderful mark of friendship as it shows your groomsmen that you intend on spending many more important milestone celebrations together in the future.

Drinkware and Glassware

Personalized flasks, barware, or crystal whiskey/brandy glasses make great gifts for your Best Man or your groomsmen. Married life may mean more responsibility but it doesn’t mean you can’t join in the celebrations with your closest guy friends. Drinkware and barware is a superb way of marking your friendship over the years through the love of a great party. If you want to create your own gift, check out these cool DIY ‘broquet’ ideas on Pinterest.

Personalized Gift Hampers

If you’re shopping on a budget but you still want to wow your groomsmen with a memorable and impressive gift, try creating something with a personal touch. Design personalized gift hampers for each groomsmen in the party by including each person’s favorite things. Whether it’s a selection of his favorite wine, his favorite cologne, his favorite movies and books, or something to do with his favorite football team or basketball team, there are so many ways you can fill your gift basket.

Gifts for Football, Basketball or Baseball Fans

If you would rather present your Best Man or groomsman with a gift that can be shared and enjoyed together, get tickets for the next Nicks game or Lakers game (depending on what sports you all enjoy).

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