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Winter Wedding Ideas

Are you getting married in the winter months? If so you are not alone. Winter weddings are becoming a popular trend especially in 2013.

Brides and groom’s that say, “I do” in the winter are usually more inclined to save money. This is because wedding season is in full swing during the summer months, winter weddings are popular because the love birds can gather friends and family together and save money and still have an elegant cozy atmosphere despite the colder weather.

This winter season the holiday makes a nice backdrop to any wedding. The winter season weddings are popular because there is an opportunity to bring the outside glow inside. Here are winter trends for 2013.

Use Natural Elements

Pulling natural elements from nature, such as bringing birch trees, redwoods or different elements of acorns and flowers inside from outside are a popular way to set up a beautiful centerpiece.

Using warming light helps with the atmosphere as well. You could hang candles or decorations over the tables with leaves and branches. This is in an elegant way you can add to the vibe and decoration for the event.

White Wedding Cakes

All white wedding cakes are popular especially this season. Using all white with a dash of silver, gold or red can add just a pop of color and it will keep the white elegant color in primary focus.

Popular flavors of wedding cake this season include simple white cake, a spice cake with ginger or gingerbread spice, and of course cinnamon and anything with the spiced cream cheese frosting.

Royal Wedding Gown

Of course a wedding is not complete without a beautiful white wedding gown, this winter, the royal wedding in England inspires wedding trends. You may see lace, you may see more elegant flowing dresses and you may see more formal church weddings as well as classical elegant intimate outdoor weddings.

Location Weddings

Getting married outside in an intimate location is a very popular winter wedding trend for 2013. Finding the perfect place is important. Picking a place that is intimate and meaningful to the couple is the most important aspect of the wedding location. Make sure you find a place that matters. After all it is a celebration of love. Popular locations are outdoor wedding venues, wedding guesthouses and old historic homes. If you are getting married this winter season, the trends can make a difference.

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