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5 Ways To Save Money And Still Have The Perfect Wedding

Your wedding day may be the best day of your life, but it is also the most expensive.

With the average UK wedding costing over £16,000, it is no surprise many couples are putting off walking down the aisle altogether. If you’ve recently got engaged and are counting the costs already – stop!

What if we told you it was not only possible to save money and still have the perfect wedding – but easy?! Here are five simple to implement tips that will help you cut costs, without cutting back on quality:

1. Get married out of season

Everyone dreams of getting married on a Saturday in the height of summer. But because this is every brides dream, summer weddings can cost a small fortune.

By getting married out of season though, you can get more bang for your buck than you will have ever thought. Pick a date between December and March as fewer brides are looking at these times. This means vendors will drop the price of the venue, catering and more. Chose a Sunday, and you can cut the cost of your big day even more.

You can still plan your dream big day, but at half the cost – what could be better?!

2. Opt for e-invites

Whether you have a mammoth or mini guest list, the cost of sending out your ‘Save the Dates’ and wedding invites can leave a pretty big hole in your budget. What with the price of the fancy paper and envelopes – not to mention the cost of postage – you can find yourself counting the pennies before you’ve even begun.

Instead, send out e-invitations to your friends and family. Emails cost you nothing, and can be creatively designed to help them pack a punch. This is much more wallet friendly, but still ensures everyone receives their invite.

If this isn’t traditional enough for you; why not make your own invites? Or purchase standard ones from a card shop? While custom-made invites are nice, they’re an expense many couples could do without.

3. Choose your venue wisely

Hiring out two separate venues for the wedding ceremony and reception is often the norm. But as well as the additional cost of two venues, have you accounted for transport costs between them?

How are you – and your guests – going to travel from one to the other? Will your guests expect you to provide transport, or are you under the assumption they will make their own way there? Either way, choosing two venues is an extra cost for everyone involved.

Why not look at hotel venues? Many have licenses to hold your ceremony, and can also play host to your reception?

Not only does this ensure your whole day is spent enjoying it; you can also save the cash you would have otherwise spent on numerous venues and locations.

4. Do it Yourself

It is often the little things that are the most expensive when planning your wedding.

Everything from flower arrangements to favours adds up, and eats into your budget. However, if you want to bring these little touches into your big day, you can do so without spending a small fortune. Get crafty and creative and do-it-yourself.

Make your own favours; ask friends and relatives to grow flowers to bring as centrepieces; or sit down with your bridal party to make the room decorations. Not only is this more affordable, but it brings a real personal touch to your celebration.

5. Rethink your dress choice

Every little girl has dreamed about her wedding dress. Unfortunately though, wedding dresses don’t come cheap. However, there are a number of ways you can still have a your dream dress on your dream budget.

Why not look at the store sales, end of season dresses, or a vintage number? There are also a number of websites where brides sell their old dresses at a fraction of the price. An even more affordable option is to hire your dress.

Saving money on your wedding doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the finer details. In fact, you can add a real personal element to your big day by following these tips. Will you be looking to enjoy a more affordable wedding this year?

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