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All You Need To Know About Caring For Silk Flowers

Even though the word “silk” conjures up images of yards and yards of the luxurious material, in this context, it is used somewhat casually: silk flowers are basically artificial flowers that are made using any variety of fabrics, not limited only to silk. While pure-silk flowers continue to be in great demand, they are very expensive, owing to the nature of the fabric, and are sometimes better replaced by more affordable fabric flowers.
Silk flowers have become extremely popular over the years, and as the demand for these beauties grows, so do the options. Silk flowers can be moulded into all kinds of sizes, colours, shapes and forms, ranging from extremely realistic and lifelike blooms to extravagant and unusual blossoms tailor-made just for you!
Silk flowers make for a wonderful gift because they are fuss-free and long lasting. Flowers have been cherished as a gifting tradition since time immemorial, but how there is that inevitable sad moment when a beautiful bloom or a ravishing bouquet wilts and dries and has to finally be discarded. With these gorgeous artificial flowers, there is no such shelf life, which means that you can find pleasure in their beauty day after day, for several years to come.
Silk flowers are very easy to maintain, and you don’t have to bother yourself with keeping them alive. Given that most fabrics retain colours perfectly for a very long time, you don’t have to worry about these flowers losing their rich hues or fading away with time. There are a few things that you can do to keep the flowers looking fresh.
For starters, keep them away from direct sunlight and the harsh glare of bulbs and other artificial lights. As we all know, fabric tends to fade when exposed to harsh light. A little bit of light every now and then, and regular diffused light will not take away from their beauty.
If you want your silk flowers to retain their shape for a long time, it helps to keep them “standing up” and placed in a vertical position. Keeping them horizontally will cause the petals and leaves to be pressed and folded and might, over time, cause the flowers to become misshapen. Simply stack the flowers in a tall vase or container as you would with natural flowers.
Another great way to prevent the flowers from becoming bent out of shape is to make sure they’re not layered too close together or pressing against one another. Any kind of weight over time will spoil the natural shape and structure of the blooms and as you know, fabric can get wrinkled and twisted so easily. If you have a lot of silk flowers in one arrangement, either divide them into smaller bouquets or spread them out so that they don’t press up against one another.
Funnily enough, silk flowers also need watering! Not in the conventional sense though! You only need to clean them sometimes, to keep them fresh and pretty. Every few months, dust the flowers with a soft cloth gently, and then take a little bit of water in a spray bottle and mist over the flowers lightly. Shake the flowers very gently to get excess water out, without damaging the flowers, and then leave them in soft sunlight so that they dry out properly. Make sure you don’t leave them out too long, or in extremely harsh sunlight.

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