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Honeymoon Locations: Places Where Love Meets Adventure

Marriage marks the beginning of a new life with your beloved. When couples decide on the places they can visit to spend their honeymoon, they mostly try and select a location which can offer a romantic setting. But who said that honeymoons have to be all about love and no fun! Every couple is different and the idea of fun for each couple can be different too. Here are some locations for couples who are looking for more than just rest and relaxation while on their honeymoon.

Ski down the slopes of the Swiss Alps

Switzerland has always being an ideal dream honeymoon destination for couples waiting to get married. The cold Swiss Alps provide the most stunning setting for couples who like to cosy up in the warmth of each other’s love. You get to try out snow sports like skiing and snowboarding which can add to the thrill, by supplying your dose of adrenaline. Every adventure seeking couple will truly cherish spending their honeymoon in the Swiss.

Surf the waves in Tahiti

The Island of Tahiti is a lovely place to choose as your honeymoon destination.  Famous for its black sand beaches, it has a lot to offer in terms of adventure and sightseeing. One activity that you can enjoy with your spouse is ‘surfing’. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know how to do it, there are professional instructors who will help you learn the sport- just get yourselves enrolled in a surf lesson class.

Submerge Underwater in Caribbean


The Caribbean has being one of the most visited tropical islands for honeymoon couples. The clear blue water along with exotic marine life attracts a lot of adventure loving couples. You can try out ‘scuba Diving’ and ‘snorkelling’ to discover mysteries that are hidden underwater. The underwater life will leave you spell bound and you will really cherish this experience for your life time.

Safari Ride In Africa

The African continent is famous all over the world for its wildlife. For couples who are up for a challenge of starting their married life in the wild, this certainly is the place to visit. Africa boasts of dozens of locations for safari adventures in varied countries. You can opt for a place from a number of exotic locations and spend some quality time with your spouse on your honeymoon.

Bungee jumping: New Zealand


The rolling landscapes and rugged coastlines of New Zealand have been an age old attraction to the every adventure seeking couple. It is hot spot for adventure activities offering just about every activity you can think of. Think how much of fun you can have while zorbing (hurtling downhill in a giant plastic ball), swinging through the rainforest on zip lines or rock-climbing and abseiling in a cave filled with glow-worms? Of course, there’s always bungee jumping, jet boating, glacier hiking or ocean swimming with dolphins.

For couples who want to start their love-life by sipping a cocktail of love and adrenaline they can try out from any of these locations for a fun-filled beginning to their married lives.

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George Mitchell is a travel advisor and blogger with Orpheus, a beautiful Queensland island resort. The resort is a very popular as a great barrier roof honeymoon option.

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