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Light Up Your Wedding With 3 These Awesome Themes

Yes, there is a lot to deal with when it comes to organising your wedding. We have the cake, invitations, wedding dress, the design of the venue and much more! Quite a lot of brides to be don’t actually look into the lighting designs for their wedding, it could really make or break the entire venue. I have been browsing around online and I would like to share with you all these amazing light designs that other wedding planners have managed to use to make the day even more special!

The Light And Bright Effect


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This lighting theme would be for those who like the old fashioned types of theme, nice light and vibrant colours. The theme does look like it costs a lot of money, which is the whole point here, to impress the guests, the actual price of this to be all set up and laid out is around $1000.

Dark And Mysterious


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This is the sort of theme that I myself went for, this theme kind of reminds me of a Disney type theme. You can have the guests not dress in the normal suited and booted attire, you could have them all dress as characters of some sort and really go deep into the theme and get into the proper spirit of it all. If you look closely, there really is not that much done in the way of preparation, the only thing that makes this venue stand out is the lighting itself, the other things such as chair covers and tablecloths are simple to put on and buy.

Ambience And Classy


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This lighting theme brings a huge touch of class to the entire room and it is so ambient, relaxing and calming. That’s the great thing! Lighting at a wedding does not only have to make the venue look good but the certain themes and lighting used also contributes towards the guests moods.

So there we have it, all of you brides out there need to also check the lighting themes for the wedding venues themselves, there are some professional people that will do this for you such as mela event design and others. Just browse around for companies in your area, only do this once you have chosen the venue though so they can go, see and consult you on what kind of lighting they could provide you for the special day!

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