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How to Organise an Outdoor Wedding

More and more couples in the UK are choosing to have their weddings in non-traditional locations. The church or civic building has become outdated and unoriginal for many, and locations that are different and meaningful the bride and groom are becoming more popular. Outdoor weddings are one of the top choices in non-traditional locations. Although it is important to remember that it isn’t actually legal to get married outside or in any movable structure like a marquee or hot air balloon in England.


Because of it being illegal to get married outdoors, locations for the ceremony have to be a bit creative. It is possible to use a registered building from the outside such as getting married in the doorway and having everyone site outside.

Another option is to choose a basic building like a hut or cabin in the centre of woodland, such the Carpenters Barn in New Forest:

Or even a tree house wedding for the more adventurous. An issue here could be getting elder relatives into the venue.

Other options may include large permanent gazebos, but it would have to be in the grounds of a registered building and be pre-arranged with your officiant and the venue owner.

Another way to get around these annoying UK rules is to have the ceremony in the ruins of an old castle or monastery. By doing this you can still be open to the elements and still be keeping within the rules.


If you’re choosing to have an outdoor wedding, then weather is going to be forefront in your mind. You’re probably not thinking about a winter wedding as England is of course known for its rainy weather and that’s the last thing you want to happen on your wedding day. Things such as the weather channels wedding planner app (on their website) can help you keep up to date on the weather up to your big day.


Decorating your chosen location is really down to your specific tastes but if anything goes with an outdoor ceremony then its flowers and sunshine. In the extremely unfortunate event that sunshine won’t be on the cards for you there are number of ways to make your outdoor venue work for you.  Most venues will have an indoor room to use in case of rain so you won’t have to worry. To make the wet weather work for you, try collecting some fun and fashionable rainy gear for photos, such as wellies, umbrellas and hats.

Another way to enjoy the wet weather is some exciting and snazzy marquee decoration. Enjoy the patter of the drops on the plastic whilst the inside is beautifully decorated with fairy lights and flowers.

No matter what you want for your wedding there will be somewhere in the UK that will cater to your needs. Whether they be hotels, churches, golf clubs or ruined castles you will find the perfect outdoor location for you and your future spouse. It’s important to remember that you may never get everything you want so pick a top 5 things that are *Must Haves* and let the rest of the pieces fall where they may. By doing this there will be a lot less to go wrong on the day and you will be more able to enjoy yourself.

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