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The Top 5 Romantic Holiday Destinations In England

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, lovers are anxious to find the perfect gesture to show just how much they care. Flowers and chocolates are nice but how about this year we skip right pass ‘nice’ and venture into true romance; and what place better to achieve this than beautiful England. Here are a few places bound to completely woo that certain someone.

5. West Cornwall

This beautiful seaside place is perfect for a couple’s getaway. Rent a beach house for long days and nights of awe-striking views, long walks on sandy or rocky beaches, and perfect sunsets. Take a trip into town to experience beautiful galleries, striking architecture, wonderful restaurants, and local inns.

4. Keswick

Located in the Lake District, this town of only 4,000 is nothing short of idealistic. Lakes and mountains surround the town, giving ample opportunities for a dinner on the water, majestic hikes and unforgettable picnics. The town itself offers ample history in the form of museums and landmarks, theaters, and parks.

3. York

This city has much to experience with your love. Walk through York Minster Cathedral, visit York Castle, and smell the flowers at Yorkshire Museum Gardens. Along with romantic walks through gardens, cathedrals, and castles, there are also several theaters, squares, cafes and restaurants, and musical performances.

2. Cranleigh

The village of Canleigh in beautiful Surrey might just be what the doctor ordered. As though just visiting Surrey isn’t enough, this village has a lot to offer any loverbirds looking to just get away. Cranleigh offers numerous landmarks to visit, such as Stocklund and Fountain Squares, both of which are perfect settings for a long stroll filled with warm drinks and hand holding. Afterwards, drive through the gorgeous open country that surrounds the village.

1. London

The bustling city of London has so much for this season’s lovers to do that it is rather overwhelming. Therefore, it might seem a little off to take a romantic holiday to a huge city where just the list of sightseeing is a mile long. All it takes, however, is for you to slow down and remember that you aren’t a tourist this time. If theres something you really want to see, book a romantic dinner overlooking that landmark. Otherwise, spend your time walking though the beautiful streets, hold hands at a tiny café, go to the theater, or dance by candlelight.

These travel ideas for the holiday made for romance are not simply for the sake of a fun time. Instead, they are surefire ways to become closer to the one that matters most, to make memories that will never be forgotten, to say what they mean to you more than flowers and chocolates ever could. So whether you choose to spend this holiday holding hands in the English countryside, coastline, or city, the one thing that will be certain is that this special trip will be something that will stick with both of you forever.

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