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Top Tips For Traditional And Themed Weddings

When you are thinking about your upcoming wedding, you know you have a lot to do in terms of planning. Sometimes you need a little focus to help you work out what needs to be done. Having a themed wedding is becoming very popular. This is particularly true for couples who have met through their joint interests or hobbies.

Musicians often marry at venues where they can have their musician friends play a set for them to accompany the big day. Those who are keen gamers may want to hire several PlayStation or XBox consoles and providing gaming chairs for the guests. Cakes may be served featuring their favourite game characters, and the bride and groom may even dress as their online avatars.

There are many ways to create your bespoke or themed wedding. It all depends on what the bride and groom are in to. With the enormous popularity of Downton Abbey, many couples around the globe are seeking opportunities to have a traditional English themed wedding. Some will even travel to the UK and seek to be married in the English tradition. Some are combining the cultures of both parties, by looking for Italian Villas wedding venue in Dorset to satisfy each side of the family.

English weddings are steeped in tradition. Many of these stem back hundreds of years and were designed to bring luck and good fortune to the union. There are also more sinister reasons for some of them, such as to ward off evil spirits. Here is a list of some of the most interesting traditions that many of us may use to this day:

Flowers – The groom should wear a button-hole flower plucked from the bridal bouquet as a symbol of his love for her. This has been a tradition since medieval times when the groom would wear his lady’s colors. A red chrysanthemum means ‘I love you’.

The Groom – He should carry a lucky mascot in his pocket supplied by the best man, and should pay the minister a fee adding up to an odd number.


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The Bride – Wearing something old like a family heirloom is still common practice today. The something borrowed traditionally comes from the maid of honor. The something new must be something representing your future wealth and happiness. Something blue tends to be a garter today, but it comes from an old Israeli tradition of the bride wearing a blue ribbon.

The Reception – Historically, a couple were not considered married until they broke and shared bread together. The tradition of sweet cake being served stems from 1660s France, where the fruits and sweet treats were symbols of fertility. The cake is cut by the bride and groom together. Her right hand is covered with his right hand and then her left-hand pushes down on the knife to make the cut. Bridesmaids keep a slice under their pillow to dream of their future husbands.

Leaving The Reception – Grooms used to publicly remove the bride’s garter to throw at the bachelor guests.

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