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Your Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist

Anyone who’s planned a wedding knows how difficult and stressful it can be. But if you tick off everything on this checklist, you should be alright.

Create a Budget

Whether you like it or not (and you probably don’t), organising a wedding isn’t cheap. There’s so much to pay for and plan, so a strict budget has to be your starting point. It’s not a good idea to start planning before you know how much you have to spend. If you do this, your costs can easily spin out of control.

Book a Venue and Hire Suppliers

Once you have a budget, the first thing to think about is the wedding venue. The best ones are often booked up months or even more than a year in advance, so you want to get your foot in the door as early on as possible. Hiring your suppliers should be done early too; these include your food and entertainment suppliers.

Order the Cake

Every great wedding has a great cake, so have fun when you’re deciding what you want yours to look like. Nowadays, you can hire custom cake makers that will do whatever you want them to. You should order it well in advance of the day to be sure you get the cake you want on time.

Plan the Honeymoon

The honeymoon will act as your break away from the stress of the wedding. You’ll be more than ready to get away to a sunny destination when you’ve been through the organising and micromanaging of the wedding day. Sit down with your partner and pick somewhere ideal for you both.


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Send Out Invitations

Your invitations are one of the most vital components of the wedding. Without them, you’d have no one turn up to your wedding, so send them out well in advance of the wedding day. You can find free wedding invitation templates online to make the process of creating the invitations a little cheaper.

Buy the Dress & Groom’s Suit

For most brides, the most important thing about the wedding is the dress they’re wearing when they’re walking down the aisle. You will probably be looking at ideas for dresses as soon as you get engaged, but make sure it’s bought in time to have adjustments made. The groom will need to get his outfit sorted out too.

Don’t Forget the Rings

Without wedding rings, you’re not going to be getting married, so make sure that you have yours bought as soon as you can. It’ll probably be best to get them fitted to the exact measurements of you and your partner’s finger to avoid any problems later on.

Create a Table Plan

As the day draws near, the only things left to attend to are the minor details. But don’t underestimate these small details, they can make all the difference on the wedding day. So, put a table plan in place and make any backup plans that might save you from disaster if something goes wrong.

Don’t leave any of these things off your personal wedding planning list.

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